Léonie Kirchgeorg

Léonie Kirchgeorg was born in 1997, grew up in Seattle (USA), Erlangen (Germany) and Pontresina (Switzerland) and showed great creative talents at an early age.

In her British boarding school, she discovered her talent with oil paiting and played the violin all the way through her Bachelor studies in North Carolina. Her true passion lies in literature as well as writing and she is currently publishing her debut novella with a UK-based publisher (2021).

While her art work (which focuses on rite of passages, travel and figurative works) is occassionally displayed in the gallery and available for sale, she has now turned to the business side of her passion for art. After she completed her MSc Management studies at the Unviersity of Edinburgh Business School, she has taken over as the head of the gallery since the summer of 2020, which allows her to combine her adoration for contemporary art with her flair for business. Her mission is to seek the entrepreneurial success to build the bridge between the arts and the world.