Central Art Gallery

Bringing the Engadin to Art

The beauty and grace of the Engadin inspire people. The local artists draw from this infinite source and create expressive works in various forms. Markus Kirchgeorg and his daughter Léonie, who has taken over as the Head of Gallery in the summer of 2018, are locals themselves and are strongly connected to the region. They have consistently put their fascination for unusual forms of expression and their active wide-spread promotion into practice.

The Central residential and commercial building in the heart of St. Moritz is the perfect home for the Central Art Gallery since its architectural landmark of Tilla Theus stands under the symbol of the “Flower of Life”.

The exhibited works are always related to the Engadin and/or the artist is from the valley. Therefore, we have adopted the following mission for our gallery: “Bringing the Engadin to Art”.

Furthermore, art should not be elitist but affordable and should become a part of life for everyone. This is also what the Central Art Gallery offers you.

Visit our changing exhibitions or be inspired by the works in the picture galleries on this page. We look forward to your visit and welcoming you in our gallery.

We open the gallery for vernissages, aperitifs and finissages, to which you are welcome to join, and we also open by appointment. You can also order all unsold original works shown here and some of their prints directly from us by e-mail. To schedule a visit or for any other inquiries you can reach us under info@galeriecentral.ch or Tel. +41 81 830 00 70. Thank you for your interest.

Léonie and Markus Kirchgeorg