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News from the Art World in the Engadin

10. December 2021

Giada Bianchi in der Engadiner Post

Wer sich den Acrylgemälden nähert, entdeckt immer mehr kleine, zumeist rundliche ...

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24. March 2021

Patrick Nyfeler in der Engadiner Post

“Im unteren Tal der Via dal Bagn in St. Moritz Bad ...

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17. January 2021

Die Central Art Gallery in der Südostschweiz

Der folgende Beitrag ist am 12. Januar 2021 in der Südostschweiz ...

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23. November 2020

Reflecting on Luke Piper’s Legacy

  There is no better feeling than strolling around the museum and ...

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13. November 2020

And the Art World Keeps Spinning – The New Artists and Works from the Central Art Gallery

On some days the world seems to stand still, on other ...

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23. October 2020

Death Wears Many Faces – The Exhibition “Totentanz” by Angela Eberhard in Buxheim (Bavaria)

The exhibition „Totentanz“ by Angela Eberhard draws its lens towards the ...

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21. October 2020

The Coppas da Tschaira from Ernestina Abbühl – Wax, the Bronze Age & a Contemporary Conversation

The first time I encountered Ernestina Abbühl’s art, I directly resonated ...

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27. July 2020

Coppas da Tschaira – Wax Bowls by Ernestina Abbühl

Ernestina Abbühl is once again uniquely creative: Now she is presenting ...

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20. July 2020

New Engadine Panoramas by Jan Geerk

Jan Geerk has created a new edition of panoramas from the ...

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30. March 2020

New Works from Ernestina Abbühl

The exhibition of reliefs by Ernestina Abbühl “Wax Art” has been ...

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6. December 2019

The Central Art Gallery has a new Home page

We are pleased to present the new home page of the ...

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29. October 2019

No more of the cult of exclusivity!

Magnus Resch and Stefan Heidenreich have formulated a passionate appeal to ...

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8. November 2018

How the art world works – The winner takes it all

Magnus Resch and his colleagues scientifically demonstrated how the art world ...

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