Ernestina Abbühl

Ernestina Abbühl, born and raised in the Engadin and a citizen of S-chanf, takes her inspiration for her abstract reliefs from the cycle of nature and the mountain world of the Engadin: Ice, rock, earth, alpine flora are her four main themes, which consistently run through her work in varying, natural colours and selected materials. The Rhaeto-Romanic titles of her works in her mother tongue are meaningful and equally mysterious.

Her works are usually made as reliefs in papyrus and paraffin on wood. Depending on the motif, dried flowers or other materials are also incorporated in her works.

Previous exhibitions

Ernestina Abbühl’s reliefs have manifested themselves in important places at home and abroad: For example, in a collaboration with the Swiss architect Prof. Gion. A. Caminada and at exhibitions with established galleries at Art Karlsruhe, Art Salzburg, Art Bodensee, Huntenkunst NL, Museum Engiadinais St. Moritz and many more.