Cooperation brings joy and pays off

Malloth is known as a reliable partner with a know-how spanning decades. It is not only a personal pleasure when you have the privilege of working with customers, artists and employees on several projects. It also creates a much better quality of work and more efficient realization of projects. Therefore, we enjoy working together with partners in the art world who share our values.

Art should be fun and affordable. The viewer should choose what resonates with them. Art should not be elitist and defined by a few of what it should be. Buy the art you like not as a financial investment. If the work of art you like gains market value, so much the better. But first of all, it is your work of art that delights you.

The Central Art Gallery in St. Moritz places great importance on the fact that art and/or artists have a connection to the Engadin. Why else would we locate an art gallery in the Engadin and not in a metropolis?

Our Partners

Helvetia as partner for our precious art works

Magnus App: The Shazam for Art

Helping you to enjoy the Engadine