Thomas Seilnacht

I want to represent the maximum of colours“, is how Thomas Seilnacht, a trained teacher born in 1963, describes his painting style. His colours, made from casein and pigments himself and with a brilliant luminosity, are of an almost tangible compactness that lends the subjects, which are firmly outlined in themselves, an impressive charisma. The Niesen, a popular motif again and again, the Matterhorn, the Säntis, Piz Bernina, the Weisshorn, the Silser See, familiar mountain ranges and magnificent glaciers, are mostly painted in blue, turquoise and green. Atmospheric and striking, in their relaxed timelessness, they describe the sublimity of the mountains, the lakes and their reflections… (Eva Buhrfeind, in Der Sonntag, 20. Nov 2011)