Thomas Seilnacht

Thomas Seilnacht, born in Basel in 1963, is an artist and author. His triptych “Lake Sils” is a unique example of his bond to the nature of the Engadin. He had long set himself the goal of creating an ultimate triptych of Lake Sils. For him, Lake Sils is one of the most inspiring places of all. It is unique how the lake is embedded in the mountain landscape and in the very unpredictable play of light of the day and seasons. The turquoise (in the lake) is a very warm blue while the ultramarine blue (in the mountains) is more a colour of distance. This tension between a rather warm and a rather cold blue attracted him to create the painting in this way. For the (imaginary) light from behind he has chosen the pigment ultramarine red – the reddest blue there is.