Renzo Papini

Renzo Papini was born and raised in the Engadin in 1969. The photographer has been involved in nature photography for some several years. The focus of his photographs is on the majestic nature of the Engadin, landscape photography and experimentations with long exposures.

The region of the Engadin brings a diverse and ever-changing landscape, eliciting a new and fascinating character every single day – Papini captures this experience of nature with his camera and knows exactly in which corners and places the typical as well as the surprising motifs of the Engadin are lurking. In addition, the photographer goes a few steps further by incorporating the innovative and experimental into his works: He plays with fire, he plays with ice – some of his photographs appear as abstract fire paintings. The contrasts of nature characterise his works of art.

All art works are 75 x 100 cm and mounted on a 1.1 mm Chroma Luxe metal plate print. Each piece is limited to 20 copies. The price per art work is CHF 1’490.-.