Patrick Nyfeler

Patrick Nyfeler investigates the freedom and fascination that art offers and attempts to elicit a certain contentment in the creation process and in the observer. His themes explore the power and motives of the wondrous Bündner mountain world but also incorporates everyday topics and draws a lot of inspiration from his role as a proud family man.

The Central Art Gallery exhibits Nyfelers oil and acrylic works, which draw on abstract ibexes and other monochrome motives. The artist also works with other mediums and materials such as spray paint, spatulas, rollers and various paint brushes while integrating unconventional canvases that include but are not limited to stone, carton and maps. Every art work is an original even if some works have several editions – every brushstroke has its very individual take.

Previous exhibitions

Patrick Nyfeler’s works can be seen in the art gallery “Der Auslöser” in the Lenzerheide and his light installation in relation to the exhibition “Der Ruf der Berge” is currently traveling the canton of Grisons.

Nyfeler lives with his family in Domat/Ems and is a high school teacher next to his creative endeavours.